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Omaha, Nebraska, Business Law Firm

Founded in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1979 by Richard Croker and Robert Huck, our firm has successfully represented business and individual clients at every level of the Nebraska state court system. Since that time our firm has grown steadily, both in the number of attorneys and the breadth of our practice.

This firm believes strongly in growth, and we enable and encourage economic development throughout the Greater Omaha area. We are known for our pioneering work in creating and representing Sanitary and Improvement Districts (SIDs) that have helped drive the region’s expansion and development.

Serving Corporations of All Sizes

We assist businesses ranging from large corporations to small sole proprietorships in matters relating to business law, banking and finance, real estate, litigation and employment law.

Individual Attorneys Working as a Team

Working as a team of attorneys, Croker Huck has impressed businesses in eastern Nebraska with our soundness and our ability to provide the best solutions to problems that arise.

Our lawyers operate as a team, contributing ideas and information that add to our legal expertise. This team approach has helped us distinguish ourselves in a competitive market as advocates who are open to new thinking, are respected for their legal knowledge and experience, and work together to achieve client success.

The law office for Omaha businesses. When you have a legal issue requiring professional and experienced attention, call Croker Huck Law Firm at 402-391-6777, or email us for further information.