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Tax sale certificates are great investments, but investors need an experienced attorney to guide them through the statutory procedures to apply for a treasurer’s tax deed or foreclose on the tax sale certificate. The attorneys at Croker Huck Law Firm represent numerous tax sale certificate investors in all counties in Nebraska, including Douglas County, Sarpy County and Lancaster County.

Nebraska Tax Sale Certificate Attorneys

A tax sale certificate is issued by the county treasurer when the real property is sold for nonpayment of real estate taxes. It is evidence of the lien for general real estate taxes purchased by the tax sale certificate investor. The tax sale certificate investor earns interest on its investment at a rate set by statute, which currently is fourteen percent (14%) per annum.

The property owner has the opportunity to redeem the property within the legal redemption period by paying off all taxes and charges. If the property owner fails to redeem the property by paying the taxes and charges, the purchaser of the tax sale certificate can request a treasurer’s tax deed from the county treasurer or foreclose on the property to obtain the title to the property.

Although tax sale certificates are a relatively safe investment, one must follow the statutory procedures carefully in order to avoid losing the investment by failing to properly apply for a treasurer’s tax deed or foreclose on the lien represented by the tax sale certificate.

Experience in Handling Tax Sale Certificate Foreclosures

Croker Huck represents investors and property owners who regularly purchase tax sale certificates and real estate tax liens. We have substantial experience in handling foreclosures of tax sale certificate liens and applications for treasurer’s tax deeds in compliance with Nebraska statutes and procedures for obtaining treasurer’s deeds and sheriff’s deeds.

If you wish to discuss investment opportunities in tax sale certificates along with the legal requirements for applying for a treasurer’s tax deed or foreclosing the tax lien, or if you need legal counsel to assist you in applying for a treasurer’s tax deed or foreclosing on the tax sale certificate, call our lawyers at 402-391-6777.

Tax sale certificate purchases and foreclosures are complex. Refer to a law firm familiar with the process. Call Omaha tax sale certificate foreclosure attorneys at Croker Huck Law Firm at 402-391-6777, or write us using this online form.